Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping Related

Q: What are your shipping rates?

A: Our shipping rates can be found in our Shipping Tab here: Shipping

Q: My order was placed and I received neither a notification of shipment or a tracking number.

A: We have had a few reports of the shipment and tracking information email ending up in the shopper’s spam or junk folder for whatever reason. If that is not the case for you then please feel free to message us and we can resend it to you.

Q: My order was placed and I received a tracking number. It has been a few days and the package still shows no movement.

A: Our system automatically sends the tracking number once the shipping label is created. Our posted processing time is 3-7 business days since everything is made to order.  Although we strive for 2-3 business days turnaround time we average about 3-4 business days turnaround time.

Q: It has been past 3-7 business days and my package still shows no movement using the tracking number on

*Very large orders, sales & high peak demand promotional events may necessitate additional processing time for orders. 

A: We deliver our items in bulk quantities to the USPS. Kindly rest assured out of over ten thousand packages sent less than 0.1% or one in a thousand don’t get delivered because of theft, USPS mishandling, USPS miss-delivery, and/or some other scenario. The most common situation that we encounter is that USPS either fails to scan the departure scan and the package only receives the  delivery scan or in rare occasions the package fails to get either the departure scan or the delivery scan and the package arrives just as intended with no scans at all. Rest assured we have you covered.

Q: I placed an international USPS (Priority or Standard) shipping order and the tracking number indicates the package hasn’t shown any movement for some time.

A: USPS International partners with regional carriers and those regional carriers may or may not utilize advanced tracking update systems. In some cases tracking updates will end once USPS delivers to the regional carrier and in others it will show the tracking all the way to the destination . USPS International tracking updates vary on the region and the carrier they partner with. USPS International packages sent outside Canada average 2-5 weeks depending upon the area and USPS Priority International packages sent outside Canada average 1-3 weeks depending upon the area.

Q: Why are your international shipping costs so high and can anything be done to lower them?

A: Shipping is one of our most costly expenses, we actually subsidize most all internationally shipped orders. Our actual cost for USPS International Standard orders outside of Canada is on average over $20 USD, our USPS Priority International orders outside of Canada is on average over $35.00 USD, and our DHL international orders are on average over $40.00 USD. Both USPS and DHL International actually raised their rates within the last few years.

Promotion Code Related

Q: Can I use more than one Promotion and/or Discount code per order?

A: We at TFDB want everyone to have the opportunity to utilize our many Promotion and Discount codes. Unfortunately, at this time we ask that you please limit the use of Promotion and/or Discount codes to one code per order. Thank you for helping us keep the Promotion and Discount code feature available for all to use.

Q: Can I use Promotion Code on Subscription services?

A: At this time since the Subscription services are already a deeply discounted product of 20% or more plus 5% back in Rewards Sprays we can’t currently offer additional discounts on the Subscription services.

Smell Related

Q: I can’t smell my fragrance as strong as I think it should smell, what can be done?

A: This is a complicated question but we will try to briefly address it. Smell can be very subjective, and many indirect and environmental factors can also affect it. Some people may also experience olfactory fatigue to certain scents or scent profiles, additionally a person can also experience a temporary bout of anosmia. All these having been said we typically ask shoppers to ask a friend, relative, and/or passerby if they smell them and how strong they perceive that smell to get a second opinion.

Q: My fragrance doesn’t last as long as I think it should, what can be done?

A: Many who wear fragrances on a regular basis recommend applying unscented lotion prior to spraying the fragrance, spraying on pulse points should increase projection, spraying on the back of the neck (instead of the front) in the case you are unbeknownst experiencing olfactory fatigue or similar condition mentioned in previous question.

Subscription Related

Q: Can I cancel my subscription at anytime and for any reason?

A: Yes, no worries at all, just log into your account and select the Subscription area. Once in the Subscription area just choose what Subscription you want to cancel.

Q: What do I receive when I purchase a TFDB Subscription?

A: You receive what the WooCommerce developers call a discount type that is referred to as a Smart Coupon, Store Credit, or Gift Certificate. This coupon’s amount can be called a positive balance associated with your personal account.

Store Credit is a unique discount type, in which the Smart Coupon’s amount keeps reducing per usage. It behaves in the same way as credit, which can be used until its amount becomes zero. Therefore this coupon’s amount is also referred to as a balance.

Q: I placed an order for a Subscription and the order shows Held or Processing what can be done?

A: We check all order statuses at least five or more times per day, and Subscriptions require us to manually approve them since they are deeply discounted products? You can typically expect them to show completed within 24 to 48 hours if not sooner.

Q: Can Klarna be used for Subscription products?

A: At this time Klarna can’t be used for Subscription based products.

Q: How to activate the monthly TFDB Subscription Store Credit Coupon?

A: TFDB Smart Coupons make your life really easy by showing only valid coupons if logged in on cart, checkout, and My Account page. In addition to that those coupons can be applied with single click on it via the email. So, no need to remember the coupon code or copy & pasting. If desired you can also manually apply the code to your cart just by performing a copy and paste of the code into the Coupon Code field.

*For additional information please visit our Helpful Information tab or message us either at or contact us via Contact Us.

Price Related

Q: When I go to select a size it doesn’t show the price, is there anything that can be done?

A: To see the price for a product variation the Quick View (a small eye icon over the product in the gallery photos area) must be used. Our website platform uses a feature called product variation to allow for multiples sizes for each individual item. Since product variation is active the final price will only show after the size is selected for that particular item and the item is viewed in the shopping cart. Others who use functions like product variation are Amazon as well as many other websites similar to ours. We hope that in the future there will be an update that will display the additional details in the drop down menu next to the item size.

*One of our shopper’s recommended adding more than one size to your cart and then removing the size you don’t want after you see the prices in the shopping cart.

Reward Spray Related

Q: I am trying to use my Reward Sprays and during checkout it won’t apply the Sprays to my order, what can be done?

A: Please try removing any coupon codes from your order and then try to redeem your Reward Sprays. We have had hundreds of shoppers successfully redeem their Reward Sprays without any problem, unfortunately we have had a few reports of Rewards Sprays not applying properly at check out. In cases where you have confirmed you are in the correct account and logged in and have removed all other coupons from your order, we kindly ask that you place your order and mention in the notes / comments area how many Reward Sprays you want to apply to your order and we can manually adjust your Sprays and issue you a partial refund. We are planning to update our site in the near future and we hope this will correct any possible glitches or anomalies that may be occurring.

Size Related

Q: Why aren’t all items listed in all sizes?

A: We typically list items that are high sellers or that we have a large inventory of in larger 10, 20, & 30 ml sizes, and items we have limited availability in or that are not widely requested in the standard 1, 2, 3 0r 5 ml sizes.

Q: I want a larger size bottle for my fragrance and the fragrance is not listed in that size, what can be done?

A: We have a few options: 1. You can order multiples of 5 ml and ask for the items to be placed inside a bottle that would hold that amount up to our largest size which is 30 ml; mention in the notes / comments what size bottle you want. 2. You can email us and ask for us to list that item in the size you desire, we ask 24-48 hours when requesting items using this option.

Bottle Related

Q: What material is the bottle portion made of plastic or glass, and what do your bottles look like?

A: All our bottles are made of high quality glass for maintaining optimum fragrance quality and stability with our customer’s best interest in mind, and all our bottles can be seen in the Our Bottles tab located here: Our Bottles

Q: What is the difference between the 5 ml Premium (Black/White) bottles and the standard 5 ml bottles?

A: The Premium (Black/White) 5 ml bottle is intended for individuals who primarily want to store their fragrances for extended periods of time up and beyond just routine immediate sample testing, a nominal 4-8 months, and/or the purchase of a high end fragrance (that they perhaps want the extra sense of security knowing that they have higher quality bottle components for their more costly fragrance decant). The 5 ml Premium bottles use more costly components and cost us more than the standard 5 ml bottles.

Q: What is the difference between the 5 ml standard or 5 ml Premium (Black/White) bottles and the Ultra Premium 8 ml bottles?

A: The Ultra Premium 8 ml bottle has a metal top is intended primarily for the most high end fragrances we sell. It is intended to store fragrances for an even longer period of time up and beyond just routine usage, a nominal 9-14 months, and/or the purchase of an uber high end niche fragrances (that they perhaps want the extra sense of security knowing that they have higher quality bottle components for their much more costly fragrance decant). The 8 ml Ultra Premium bottles use more costly components and cost us about triple the price of the standard and Premium 5 ml bottles.

Q: What is the difference between the 10 ml Premium bottles and the standard 10 ml bottles with a Metal Top?

A: The Premium 10 ml bottles are for individuals who prefer a style of bottle other than the metal top one that we have for standard orders. The cost and quality of both the two types of 10 ml bottle we offer should be very comparable in both quality and durability.

Q: What is the difference between the 20 & 30 ml Ultra Premium bottles and the standard 20 & 30 ml standard bottles with a Metal Top?

A: The Ultra Premium 20 & 30 ml bottle is intended for individuals who primarily want to store their fragrances for an extended periods of time up and beyond just routine immediate usage, and/or the purchase of a high-end fragrance (that they perhaps want the extra sense of security knowing that they have a higher quality bottle with more robust atomizer components for their more costly fragrance decant). The 20 & 30 ml Ultra Premium bottles use more costly components and cost us more than the standard 20 & 30 ml bottles with a Metal Top.

Q: I want my fragrance in a larger bottle size but it is not listed in that size, what can be done?

A: We primarily have larger bottles sizes listed for fragrances that we either have a large quantity on hand for or that we have a high demand for. If you ever want a larger bottle size than the sizes listed up to our 30 ml size you can do one of the following: message us at or contact us via the Contact Us page stating what fragrance you would like listed and in what size you would like that fragrance listed in; kindly allow us 24-48 hours to custom list that item for you. Alternatively, if you are in a rush just order the quantity multiples of the fragrance or fragrances that you want and then specify in the notes what bottle you want the fragrances to come in.

Q: My bottle arrived leaking or worked briefly and then stopped working, what can be done?

A: While we strive for perfection and have a quality inspection process on very rare occasions our various bottle suppliers have occasionally been known to have very small imperfections either on the glass portion of the bottle or the atomizer portion of the completed assembly that are not visible to the naked eye. Despite the bottle supplier having a quality inspection process and our quality inspection process these very minute imperfections* can show themselves after shipping has occurred in the case of a leak inside the shipping bag or in atomizer malfunctions in the case of sprayers not  working and/or failing to properly work after brief usage. Our defect rate has been very low about .5% or less which is five or less out of every thousand assembled bottles. Please kindly refer to the Help section of our site to go about requesting a replacement, refund, or credit towards a future purchase; we will always stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee.

Q: My bottle arrived not full to the top and/or not filled with correct quantity of fragrance ordered or with the wrong fragrance inside, what can be done?

A: Since fill variations, fill errors, or pick errors can occur, please kindly do let us know if you believe your bottle is not filled to the appropriate amount because of a fill error, leak, and/or some combination of the aforementioned scenarios or you believe you received the wrong fragrance and we will immediately make arrangements to resolve the matter.

* Over the years we have received sealed new fragrances directly from authorized distributors and resellers from brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, CREED, and many others that had defective atomizers on initial first usage or after brief usage so we know from experience that these imperfections and/or failures are not solely isolated to our assembled bottles and our bottle and atomizer suppliers, but rather the entire fragrance industry manufacturing process contends with minor defects, imperfections, and random component failures on a regular basis.

TFDB Affiliate Related

Q: Where can I find information regarding the TFDB Affiliate program?

A: Information regarding the TFDB Affiliate Program can be found here: HelpFul Info

Brand Related

Q: Why are certain brands not or no longer listed on your site?

A: In most instances this is because we haven’t yet added those particular brands since there are so many brands in existence. In other instances we have received correspondence from the brands themselves asking us to no longer list or sell their products for whatever reason.

FDA Related

Q: Do I need to have my cosmetic products or ingredients approved by FDA?

A: The law does not require cosmetic products and ingredients to be approved by FDA.

Q: Can I manufacture cosmetics?

A: It is not against the law to manufacture (which would include repackaging) cosmetics (which include fragrance products).

*Above information taken from the FDA website located here:

Q: Do you have an MSDS for your products?

A: Yes, a sample MSDS can be found on the bottom of the Our Services tab located here:

Phone Order Related

Q: I want to place an order over the phone because I don’t have access to a computer or your site is temporarily offline. What can be done?

A: Our difficulty with phone orders is our Reward Sprays system is built into our site as is both our shipping and payment systems.

*While in a unique situation we could perhaps send a PayPal invoice the order entry and processing would be very squirrely to undertake manually since we are so automated. So, yes it can be done on a case by case basis, however it would be best to have all products with sizes available to give over the phone in advance. We would also need all the shipping and payment information as well.